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The RetroRaunch Vintage Erotica Photo Caption Contest

We present one of our wunnerful, wunnerful vintage erotic photos and ask:

What in the world is going on in this picture???

Because we have no clue.

The best answers are always sharp, short, and original! (although they are sometimes long, involved and kinda stolen. It depends. We like to keep our options open.) And please don't forget it's about FUNNY... FUNNY IS EVERYTHING. Some of you...well, we love you and we are happy you love us too, but...well, your idea of funny is maybe not so much ours. (And we know we have, over the many years we've been doing this, demonstrated a decidedly obscure sense of humor ourselves. But since it's our contest...) Is your answer the best? You get a full month free! So please: crack us up. We love to laugh.

(By the way: if your caption ranks as 2nd or 3rd best, we'll give you a week free.)

big booty blonde in a barrel

The caption entry period is from Monday July 9 to Sunday, July 22 at midnight.

New photo and the winner of this contest will be posted Monday July 23.

Click Here To Send Your Caption


Follow RetroRaunch on Twitter - we'll keep you notified when the Caption Contest updates: Past Caption Contests & Winners Click on the pictures below to see who won past contests
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We have 200+ past caption contest winners in our archives, and there's some real classic comedy to be had. So what are you waiting for? Click here to see 'em all!

Stag films! - Cinema Erotique! - Sex Flicks!

The RetroRaunch archive includes hundreds (thousands?
We haven't finished counting..) of vintage stag films
and strip tease reels, dating from the earliest days of
film through the 70's. Join Us!

Click Here to see a free vintage movie.

RetroRaunch is the original vintage erotica website. We opened our virtual doors in 1997, and we now offer over 50,000 pictures in easy-to-navigate galleries. We add to our archive constantly, and we are expanding the variety of our exhibits all the time.

Notice: By entering this contest you are asserting that your entry is completely original and that you have a right to submit it for publication. You are also giving GDI, LLC dba RetroRaunch complete rights to the entry, to publish the entry in perpetuity in any form or manner we see fit.


For non-members: #1 Weekly prize is 1 month membership in RetroRaunch the 2 runners-up will each receive a 1 week membership in RetroRaunch. Contestants who are active members of RetroRaunch at the close of the contest will receive a 90-day free extension to their existing membership if they are monthly members, and a 30 day extension if they are still in the weekly trial period. All contestents MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE. If you win the contest and are not currently a member, we will require some kind of proof of age in order to award your membership prize.